Being a pretty novice coffee drinker growing up, I didn’t know a lot about “great” coffee.

But I always knew Colombia grew some of the best coffee in the world. And with me recently discovering my joy for coffee shops and beveraging (yes, a made up word!) I was super delighted to try Colombian coffee right from the source.

I didn’t know where the good coffee shops or cafe’s were, so I hit up Google for some help. I found Pergamino Cafe on many lists.

Lucky for me, Pergamino was a 5 minute walk from my hostel Happy Buddha.

I knew Pergamino would hold a special place in my heart, no matter how good or bad the coffee was. It would be my first coffee shop experience in Colombia and I never forget my firsts!


Best coffee in Medellin
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Front of Pergamino. I surprisingly didn’t take a better photo than this!

Being an inexperienced coffee drinker, and having never ordered much coffee in my life, I didn’t know where to start.

We (me and my sister) grabbed a menu and had a look….

Coffee in Pergamino Cafe
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The menu was cool. It was well done wit great pictures and headlines. It was easy to digest. The only problem was I don’t speak Spanish so I wasn’t sure what types of coffee’s they had.

So we did what we usually do in these situations….

We asked “what’s popular here” and let the Barista decide what we should drink!

I totally don’t even remember what he recommended, but thankfully I took a picture of the receipt! (something I normally do for the memories).

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Looks like one was done Chemex style and I’m not sure how the other one was done.

We sat down at a table directly in front of where they brew the coffee and do other cafe stuff. They gave me this wooden thing. We’re number 10. It didn’t click at the time, but they make your coffee and bring it out to you. And the way they find you is by the number on the wooden thing. Like DUH right lol!

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While we waited, a dude came by and let us sniff some coffee. He told us this is the coffee we ordered. I wasn’t sure if they normally do this or if they only did it cause we were acting like complete newbies. Either way, the coffee smelled great!

The Pergamino Vibe

I loved it here. The minute I walked in I felt the relaxed coffee shop atmosphere I so warmly love. This is the type of vibe that has made me so interested in cafe’s and coffee shops lately.

It was relaxed and chill. That’s probably the best way to put it.

There’s pretty much 2 rooms here, with outdoor seating. In the other room, I saw an asian girl typing away on her laptop. I look over to my sister and tell her I bet she’s blogging. I actually get up and do a walk by to see haha. Such a loser thing to do but yep, she was blogging all right!

I look to my left an there are a couple girls on their laptops and people beside them as well.

Inside Pergamino Cafe
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I liked watching the Barista’s make coffee too. They were just busy with stuff all the time.

Pergamino Baristas
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Ordering coffee was simple too. Where you order coffee was right at the front so it was pretty easy to figure out what to do. Surprisingly, not all cafe’s I visited in Medellin were like this.

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To the right of the order desk was their 3 lines of coffee beans you could buy, along with a tea you can make with the flavors from the coffee shells.

Our coffee came!

Pergamino coffee
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money shot

Mine came in the smaller coffee cup and the extra coffee was put in the skinny glass jar. My sister’s coffee was the brown mug one.

She drinks her coffee with cream and sugar. I guess it’s not normal to drink coffee with cream/milk, because she had to ask for it.

The Taste of Pergamino Coffee

To be honest, the first time I tasted their coffee, it was a little hard to swallow. I’m a new coffee drinker learning to drink coffee black because it’s healthier this way. So any coffee is a little hard to swallow.

But the taste grew on me as I drank more of it. It’s a little hard to describe what the coffee tasted like because I’m pretty new at this. But what I tried was their Dona Carmen, their best coffee bean.

Something I also noticed was their coffee was served somewhere between warm and hot. Which was new to me! Because in Canada, coffee is served extremely hot – at almost boiling temperatures.

Front view of Pergamino
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We spent about an hour here drinking our coffee’s and enjoying the free wifi that we had to get a Barista to type in for us haha.

Pergamino serves all your typical coffee shop delights. Coffee (of course), cappuccino’s, frappes/lattes, and teas. They also have some pastries.

I saw mostly young and middle aged people here. I visited Pergamino a couple times during my 1 week stay in Medellin.

I visited a bunch of cafe’s and I would have to say Pergamino is probably my favorite. The atmosphere was ideal for enjoying a cup of coffee and getting some work done on a laptop or whatever. The staff was of course friendly and courteous. And overall it was just really really chilled out – which is why I would visit a cafe in the first place!

Before I left for home, I purchased 5 bags of Dona Carmen coffee beans, and a couple bags of the coffee bean shells that’s used to make cold tea. I’ve been drinking the Dona Carmen at home, and I’ll be honest, I’m still acquiring the taste of black coffee. But it goes down smooth and the smell of this coffee bean is incredible!

I highly recommend a visit to Pergamino Cafe during your next visit to Medellin.

Pergamino Cafe is located in El Poblado, an upscale neighbourhood in Medellin. This cafe is right beside many restaurants and night life activities, and is situated in one of the chillest and cutest streets in Medellin.

You can get an exceptional cup of coffee for just a few dollars here, and you may just find yourself spending many mornings (and evenings?) here.


Pergamino Cafe Info

Carrera 37 8A – 37

Medellin 050011


Pergamino Website

Pergamino Facebook

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