I’m writing this knowing nobody will read it.

Maybe this is only for myself – to give me a sense of clarity đŸ˜›

I plan to make this blog “popular” in 1 year.

Right now, I only have 1 blog post written about my experience in a all you can eat Korean BBQ place in Koreatown LA. Only 1 person has read it. My friend Andy’s sister.

I’m still in California and won’t be doing much work until I get home early April – which is when the blogging REALLY begins.

Here’s the deal though…

I’m already a full time blogger.

I have a few other online properties that has made me enough money to quit my job and blog full time.

I consider myself pretty experienced at this point. It took me a really long time to figure this “blogging” thing out. I’ve been trying many different things to “make money online” over the past 5+ years.

Failed a lot.

And I mean A LOT.

I think I have the willpower most people don’t, which has allowed me to persist through all the failures I’ve endured.

I feel like I know exactly what it takes to win blogging, after all, I’m already doing it successfully.

And I feel I can teach it.

So this blog will talk a lot about blogging. I want to help others have the success I’m currently having.

I feel it will take about 1 year of full time hustling on this blog to get it to the level of success I feel it can be. What might that level of success be?

I  guess it’s hard to say. But everything seems to need to be quantified these days in order to get an idea of anything, so let’s just say this….

… my goal is to make $10,000 per month 1 year from now.

So that’s $120,000 per year. In a year.

How am I going to achieve this?

Well, I’ll need a lot of traffic to my blog. And then once those visitors come, they need to do something that “makes me money”. That could be clicking affiliate links and then buying something, or just signing up for an email list where they can later take an action that makes me money.

Now, having said that, I don’t want to give the impressions this blog is all about making money. It isn’t. I have other blogs that are VERY heavy on the “making money” part.

This blog isn’t about that.

It’s going to have a happy “medium” between making money and giving AMAZING content and value purely for enjoyment (and maybe a social media share :P)

Having said that though, I wouldn’t blog for the sake of blogging.

My time is super valuable to me.

I need a “return” from blogging. And it needs to be significant enough for time invested. For me, $100,000+ per year is reasonable.

I know some of you may be happy with just a few extra hundred dollars a month. And that’s amazing already, since most people make nothing online. But with my experience and ability, that’s my personal goal.

What will this blog talk about?

What I blog about will change over time. It always does.

But as of right now, the main topics I will blog about will TRAVEL, PHOTOGRAPHY, BLOGGING, and FOOD & DRINK.

Basically, this blog will be a personal blog about the things I spend most of my life doing on a daily basis.

I don’t know what exactly I am going to talk about in each topic. But I have SOME things in mind and a lot of what I write about will be directly tied to your feedback, comments, and what you want to hear about.

I’m really really looking forward to the work ahead.

And I want to document my journey along. This is my first blog post about blogging. I think I will do a monthly update to keep you updated on where I am at blogging and what’s going through my mind, and how I plan to keep things moving along.

And I want you here for it. To learn with me and see how I grow a successful blog from scratch. And to ask your questions.

See you around!

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